Posted by: wrcseniorservices | August 27, 2010

Welcome to our blog!

Thanks for stopping by our first post in WRC Senior Services’  brand new blog “Making the Best Choice.”

At WRC Senior Services, we strive to be the best place to live and the best place to work. With a focus on quality and being the best, it seemed to make sense to name our blog “Making the Best Choice.” 🙂

Our goal with this blog is to help you navigate the confusing world of long term care – whether it’s for your own needs or a loved one – and to help you make the best choices for  your life. We want you to be feeling your best in the best place to live for you, wherever that may be.

So, we’ll tackle a variety of topics from understanding the aging services that are out there to insurance and financial questions to making smart choices for healthier living. We will have a few different contributing authors for the blog from WRC so that you will be getting the best experts on particular topics.

We hope you will subscribe to our blog and share it with your family and friends. We welcome your comments, questions and ideas!

May our little bits of wisdom help you make the best choices for you!

P.S. To get us started, are there any topics you would like to learn more about? Any mysteries you need unraveled? Questions you need answered?


  1. Thanks for doing a story on my Uncle Ted. My cousin Kim sent me the link. He has always been a great spirit and a very funny guy. I hope he did some of his impressions for you.

  2. You’re quite welcome! Glad Kim shared this with you. He is a very funny guy, and I love his impressions! When I called him about doing the voiceover, I said, “So, Ted. How’s your British accent?” He immediately launched into a great one. He’s very talented. Our theater group is talking about doing a radio play in the near future, and I hope we can get Ted involved again. He would be great at different voices.

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