Posted by: wrcseniorservices | February 7, 2011

Lessons Learned with the Steelers

I’m pretty dejected about the Steelers loss in the Super Bowl. But it was one incredible season, with more twists and turns, ups and downs than that umm…great…rollercoaster I rode a few years ago in Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. The one that took me almost two hours to recover from. But what a ride it was! Thrilling right up until the very end.

What did I take away from this season? Never give up. Keep on fighting. And…you better be prepared. Turns out Green Bay was a little more prepared than we were . We will go home, dissect what went wrong and be back to play again next year (that is if the owners and players can negotiate a new contract) with our veterans more veteran and our newbies a little more prepared.

 Speaking of being prepared, that’s what the theme of these last few blogs has been – getting prepared to understand the world of long term care. So if you should ever need it, you will know what to do and where to go (unlike Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace in that last running route.) 

So last time we left off partway through the long term care services that you can access. Picking it up now with Assisted Living/Personal Care. These are facilities that help residents with “activities of daily living.” Huh? An activity of daily living is something that we normally do to take care of ourselves – such as bathing, dressing, eating, walking. Residents need help with at least some of these activities. Other features: 3 meals a day, social activities, nurse on staff, medications administered by staff. These are not nursing homes. Residents are still pretty independent.

CCRC  – stands for continuing care retirement community. This is a community that provides all levels of care so that a resident can age in place, so they won’t have to move as their needs change.  To understand a CCRC better, check out ours – Laurelbrooke Landing in Brookville.

Nursing Home – How is this different from assisted living/personal care? The residents in a nursing home need more help with activities of daily living. Also they receive 24 hour nursing care under the direction of a doctor. Residents in a nursing home need daily health care assistance.

Short Stay Rehab  – this is the part of a nursing home that people don’t normally think about. When a senior has surgery or an illness, they mayneed to stay in a nursing home temporarily to receive the hands on nursing care and therapy they need to recover and return to their own home.

So there you have the basic “buzzwords” or menu items of long term care. Any questions or comments? Please share!

Stay tuned for next time as we jump into the NFL contract negotiations. Just kidding – but we are going to talk money – ways to pay for long term care. Until then…cheer up Steelers fans and look ahead to next time!

Dawn Wise
Manager of Marketing and Communications
WRC Senior Services

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