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Walking in Sunshine

Being diagnosed with a chronic health condition is overwhelming, whether it’s diabetes, heart disease, cancer. Chances are you’ll have so many questions, so many tests and doctor’s appointments to attend, life changes to make. How do you cope with this so that you can manage your condition in the best way possible so that you feel the best possible? By carrying around a little secret weapon – a never-give-up positive attitude. You may feel like you have no control over what’s happening to your body, but you do have control over what’s going on in your mind. There are countless studies showing you will only benefit from having a positive attitude, so why not give it a try?

Walking in sunshine...

I’m not saying positive thinking is going to cure you, but wouldn’t you rather be walking in the sunshine than under a dark cloud of pouring rain? Are you wondering – what does she know? Who am I to tell you about being positive in the face of a chronic illness? I am walking this road too. I was recently diagnosed with a chronic inner ear disorder.

So on those days we are feeling poorly, how do we keep a hold of that sunshine? This is what I do. Spend time with your loved ones. If not in person, on the phone, through the mail, email or Facebook. Just being around those who love you can lift your spirits.

Find others going through the same thing. Whether you attend a local diabetes support group or find an online group or forum. The internet has opened up a whole world of people you can meet, going through the exact same thing.

Laugh. Read a funny story. Watch a funny movie. Look at funny pictures. Anything that will bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your belly.

Help somebody else. It will get your mind off your own situation.

Focus on your blessings. Do what the old hymn says and “name them one by one.” Even with the bad things going on in your life, there are good things too. By focusing on those, you’ll boost your positive spirit.

Block out those negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are like a snowball at the top of the mountain. The more you think them the bigger they become until you’re buried at the bottom of the hill with your skis in the air. So be prepared. Have a mental shield ready to block those negative thoughts when they come up. Whether it’s a truth, a quote, a Bible verse, a favorite song. Whatever works for you. Instead of thinking “I’m always going to feel this badly,” think “There will be good days, bad days and better days. Today might not be a very good one, but tomorrow will be better.”

Now I mentioned in the last blog that I would also share some ways WRC Senior Services can help you or a loved one cope with a chronic health problem. From the resources on our website to a phone call to any one of our communities, we are here, and we are experts in caring for individuals with chronic health problems.

If taking care of your own home and yard becomes too much, WRC offers three different residential neighborhoods for older adults – The Village and North Fork Heights and The Laurels. The relief of those extra burdens can help you tremendously.

In Home Solutions nurses can monitor your symptoms.

Want to stay in your own home but need help to do so? WRC Senior Services offers In Home Solutions PLUS, a home care and home health care agency. They can also help you recover after a hospital or nursing home stay with a full range of skilled nursing and therapy services.

There is also our newest service DayBreak at Laurelbrooke Landing. Participants come to the center 1 – 5 days a week, full or half days, depending upon your needs. Those with chronic health issues benefit from a service like DayBreak because of the regular wellness monitoring, supervision, medication management, assistance with personal care and socialization opportunities.

People who were really struggling at home often see their condition improve after moving into a WRC personal care home, because of the regular nursing supervision, medications being administered regularly and in the correct dosages by trained professionals, regular, nutritious meals and the social aspect of living in a community full of others, instead of home alone.

So keep a tight hold on that sunshine and don’t hesitate to tap into the resources available to you so that you can live the best life possible, regardless of your health issues! Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions below.

– Dawn Wise
Director of Marketing and Communications
WRC Senior Services

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