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Ask A Nurse

We recently started an “Ask A Nurse” column in the Brookville Mirror and Clarion Mirror, free monthly publications spotlighting local businesses and events. The goal of our column is to answer common questions we get at our home health care agency In Home Solutions PLUS about senior services, diseases and home care in particular. Readers are invited to submit questions. We thought you might be interested in seeing the first column that ran this month. Please help us with future editions by submitting a question below or emailing it to

Meet our nurse Kelly

Q. My 79 year old mother is in the hospital right now, recovering from a severe bout of pneumonia. I’d really like her to return to her own home after she’s discharged, but she’s gotten really weak. Would we be able to get nurses at home to help her?

 Your mother could very well get skilled home health care to help her gain her strength back. Home health can be paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and some private insurances.

For patients with Medicare coverage, a qualifying factor to receive home health care is they are “homebound.” This doesn’t mean the person can never leave their home. It means that it is physically demanding for them to do so, and their outings aren’t very frequent. Going to church, doctor’s appointments, the beauty shop or out to dinner once a week does not disqualify a person from receiving home health care.

Home health nurses are specialists and will use a multi-disciplinary approach to help your mother regain her strength. This may include visits by a nurse, exercises with a physical therapist and a home health aide to help her with personal care.

To get your mother set up with home health, talk to your hospital discharge planner and hospital nurse now. Your doctor will have to write a script for home health care. Then the discharge planner will contact the home health care agency you choose to set up services. You have a choice of agencies. If you would like our agency, simply tell the discharge planner and your nurse, “I want In Home Solutions PLUS!”  Wishing your mother a speedy recovery! – Kelly

In Home Solutions PLUS is an award-winning home health care agency of WRC Senior Services, which has been providing care for seniors in the area since 1890. Visit online at or on Facebook. Brookville resident Kelly Snell is a registered nurse and has served as the Director of Professional Services at In Home Solutions PLUS for five years.

Watch for the next edition of “Ask A Nurse” in July!

Dawn Wise
Director of Marketing and Communications
WRC Senior Services

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